Subsidiary and stakes


Société Monégasque d'Assainissement (SMA) (SMEG’s stake: 61,05%)

Main activities

  • Public highway cleaning
  • Garbage collection
  • The use of a waste recycling center which especially enables trigeneration and produces hot and cold water and electricity.

Secondary activities 

  • Glass collection
  • Bulky objects removal and treatment
  • Parking and commercial surface cleaning

Rental of containers, compactors and boxes…


COMETH SOMOCLIM (SMEG's stake 49,00 %)

Main activities

  • Maintenaining and operating  production heating and cooling network facilities (building and communities).
  • Installing, selling and repairing all  heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigerating systems.


Electricité de Tahiti (EDT) (SMEG’s stake: 21 %)

Main activities

  • Electricity production (thermoelectric and hydroelectric)
  • Electricity distribution in Tahiti and in other islands of French Polynesia