The early days

The company has only existed as SMEG since 1976.

Public electricity has existed for more than a century in Monaco. But if you look at the origin of  SMEG, you will discover that it is directly connected to gaming activities: at that time, SBM’s concession contract included the construction of a gas plant. This gas plant was built at the foot of Fort Antoine in 1863. In 1865, the route from the Palace to the Casino was already .

The factory was smelly and produced large quantities of waste. But the network was gradually extended and two gasometers were added in 1880.

According to tradition, Doctor Guglielminetti  was the first  to have the idea of spreading tarmac on roads, making Monaco, from 1888, the most modern city in the world.

The same year, the Casino was electrified by SBM. SME (Société Monégasque d’Electricité) was created by Sovereign Ordinance on July 15th with a 50 year concession.


In 1892 and 1899, SME built two production plants, on the Chemin des pécheurs (" Chiappaïra ") and in Fontvieille, respectively.

In 1898, the streetcar company Societe des Tramways equipped two of its lines with electricity. Then, the needs increased and new factories appeared. The first were food factorie because of the growing needs.

Then competition appeared: the EELM of Nice (Energie Electrique du Littoral Méditerranéen created in 1900) supplied Beausoleil and from there, spread over Monaco’s territory. EMS was forced to get supplies from EELM.