SMEG is committed to energy transition

In a context in which energy is an essential component, SMEG is still the partner of reference in the Principality in these commitments to energy transition policies.
On Monday, 24 October 2016, the Sovereign Prince deposited the ratification instrument for the Paris Claimant Agreement, which was adopted on 12 December 2015 at the UN headquarters, thereby confirming his commitment to sustainable development based on research into the fairest balance between economic growth and preservation of the environment.
In order to achieve this, our company began a vast corporate project in 2016 aimed at pursuing both its public service missions and exploring new areas of development with the same degree of effort. These new areas involve all the sectors of the energy value chain: the production of "green" energy, modernization of distribution networks and the promotion of new digital products and services for our professional and individual customers alike.

Promotion of low carbon energy

The company is also determined to promote low carbon energy, and has put a commercial product in place aimed at incentivizing property owners to use their roofs virtuously by installing photovoltaic panels to be used by SMEG. On 29 June 2017, Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, the Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development, announced the creation of a joint company between the Princely Government and SMEG to enable the purchase of plants for the generation of electricity from renewable sources.
In order to measure the effectiveness of its improvements, SMEG has assessed its performance in the area of distribution. The benchmarking exercise carried out with nearly forty European distributors confirmed the excellence of our infrastructures in this area.
Finally, faithful to its values, SMEG is tirelessly pursuing its efforts to sensitize future generations and to support government and association initiatives in favour of sustainable, humanitarian development.


Our vision for the energy transition and responsible growth as defined in our corporate project has already materialized in the shape of concrete actions and tangible results, which encourage us to continue along this path with enthusiasm and determination.
The progress in low carbon energy, the deployment of smart grids and the development of computerized solutions to promote awareness and control of consumption are the principal themes of SMEG's roadmap for the coming year.

Full information on SMEG is available in our 2018 Business Report.