The post-war period

Neither EMS, nor  SMG greatly suffered from the World War II. On August 26th, 1944, gasometers and pipes were seriously damaged, but their repair took less than a month. The electricity supply was rarely interrupted. The French nationalizations of 1946 (EDF and GDF were created during this period) gave the Principality back the control of its energy : EELM and CIG were allowed to join the Lyonnaise des Eaux (which was not part of the nationalization plan) indirectly at first, then directly.

In 1952, a tripartite agreement between the Monegasque state, GDF and SMG was signed. It clarified the relations with France, by allowing the abolition of Monaco’s gas plants.


SMEG was born in 1976 from the SMG buyout by EMS after the rationalisation of Monaco's energy sector

This complete reorganization ended in the 80’s. After a competition in 1987, SMEG was given the right to run the heating-and-air-conditioning plant in the new district of Fontvieille. At the same time, SMEG extended its skills by buying shares in SMA (Société Monégasque d’Assainissement).  SMEG acquired a 15 % stake in 1983 and increased it to 61% in 1988.

Finally, in 1990, SMEG moved into new and more functional premises. In the same year on February 20th,  SMEG celebrated its centenary which is closely tied with the development of the Principality, in the presence of LL.AA.SS. Sovereign Prince and crown Prince Albert.