Listening to our customers

SMEG places the customer at the centre of all our concerns, because it is essential to make sure that today, the company is in line with its customers’ needs.


The objectives

Since 2009, SMEG has annually carried out customer satisfaction surveys with the aim of improving its efficiency and constantly measuring its performance.

Our goals are:

  • to listen to the clients in order to meet their expectations                                                   
  • to constantly raise the general level of service
  • to innovate everyday and for the future

Overall satisfaction

Among the questions asked, one of them measures the customers’ general satisfaction.

For further information… some ways of improvement

Succesive surveys show that customers keep a positive image of SMEG and that they are largely satisfied with the company's service and performance.

However, the analysis of the results as well as the customers’ remarks and suggestions, which are full of lessons for us to learn from, have helped us to define several improvement measures on the following themes:

  • Strengthening customer relationships
  • Designing and promoting customer-oriented offers and services
  • Galvanizing the customer welcome
  • Maintening  a high quality of services
  • Strenthening the company's commitment to sustainable development
  • Improving the company's digital visibility of  the company


It is thanks to you that we are able to continually improve the quality of our performance and services; we thank you for your active participation in this process.