Your bill

The bill is prepared according to the tariff you chose when you subscribed or to the last change made to your subscription.

Your bill in detail


Meter readings

Your meter is read every 3 months.

Call us on 92 05 05 45 to find out the day on which our agents will come.

What happens in case you're not at home?

If you're not at home, when our meter reader comes, you can read the meter yourself and convey the reading straight to us by:

- telephone on 92 05 05 45

- by post, sending back free the self-metering T card left for your attention

- by mail at that adress:

- directly on the online agency.

However, at least once a year, we will have to read your meter.

Payment methods, Direct debit:

Direct debit:

With this payment method, you have no more cheques to write, no more envelopes to fill, nor stamps to look for.

The principle: You receive a quarterly bill, then its amount is automatically debited from your bank or postal account.

You can cancel the direct debit at any time. Two clients out of three have already chosen this payment method.

Your worries are over

1. No more deadines to meet

2. No more cheques to write

3. No more stamps to buy

4. No more inconvenience in case of forgetfulness or prolonged absence

5. You have enough time to check and verify the amount on the bill

6. You can stop this payment method at any time

Other payment methods:

1. At our cash desks, in cash or by cheque

2. By post, only by cheque

3. By direct debit from your bank

4. By credit card on our online agency.