Choose the right tariff

You will choose your rate according to the electric power you need and the way you intend to use your electrical appliances.


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SMEG Contract

When you sign a SMEG contract, you have the choice between several electrical power levels and several rate options.




The amount of your standing charge and so your invoice depends on the power and the option chosen.

The  power is your installation's capacity to operate your household electrical appliances simultaneously.

It is expressed in kVA (kilovolt-ampere).

  • If the power you have chosen is insufficient, your circuit breaker “trips” or shuts off when you use too many appliances simultaneously.

  •  If the power supply is too high, you uselessly pay a higher price.

Therefore, you must find the power which is most adapted to your needs : 3 kVA, 6 kVA, 9 kVA, 12 kVA, 15 kVA...



You have 2 rate options :

  • The « Base » option contains a single price per kWh whatever the time you use electric energy.
  • The "Off-peak hours" option (from 6 kVA) contains two different kWh prices according to your time-of-use (in hours).

Over certain hours, your consumption is registered on a "peak hours" dial and charged to a higher prince in the "base” option; consumption during the 8 night-time hours, is registered in an "off-peak hours" dial and charged at a lower price. Your meter indicates if your consumption in registered in peak hours or off-peak hours.