e+, the positive energy label

SMEG gathers all its range of sustainable development commercial offers under the e+ label.

SMEG wants to encourage its clients to have an eco-responsible approach and reward their loyalty.

For further information, please contact our Customer Relations office on 92 05 66 44 or by email at the following address : commercial@smeg.mc

Why the e+ label?

This e+ label is fully in line with the objectives set by the Principality of Monaco's Energy Climate Plan for 2020. The main purpose of the e+ label is to cover all brands who wish to identify with SMEG’s commercial offers.

Therefore, e+ promotes renewable energy and minimizes the negative impact of energy consumption on the environment.

The brands of the e+ label



The brands are independent, however, they share the same logic and are complementary:

  • , the Guarantee of Renewable Origin offer.
  • , the Carbon Offsetting offer.


What does Positive Energy mean?

 e+ is governed by a "positive energy” Charter created by SMEG. Positive energy refers to the natural contribution of the sun, the strength of the wind or water.

This charter offers a guarantee of authenticity and total transparency to the customer who is sure of making a concrete commitment to sustainable development.

The e+ label is a SMEG creation

 SMEG’s commitment missions are:

  • energy delivery and supply while protecting natural resources and the environment for the good of future generations.
  • to promote the development of renewable energy.
  • to encourage energy efficiency through advice, raising awareness and education.