Safety Diagnostic

SMEG offers to accompany you in the process to obtain a mandatory conformity certificate before switching on your installation.




An analysis of the key safety points of your natural gas and electricity installations.

The Safety Diagnostic offer: Serenis is aimed at checking the essential safety points of interior natural gas and electricity installations of your residence in order to evaluate the risks which can compromise your safety.

With the Safety Diagnostic, a technician from an independent inspection agency checks, on appointment and in your presence, the key safety points of your interior installations

Two cases:

The interior electricity or gas installation cannot be restarted after an interruption of more than three months in the supply after the future contract holder has produced a certificate stating that safety checks have been carried out.

The Ministerial Decree n°2010-530 of 22 October 2010 lists all the safety point.




​​For any further information, you can contact our Customer Relations Department on 92 05 66 44 or by email at the following address:

You can download "les conditions générales de ventes" : serenis électricité - serenis gaz - serenis mixte



Certificate stating about safety checks


The forms to complete and send back to SMEG following the instructions below:

The «Certificate stating that safety checks have been carried out » form for an electrical installation (points « E ») and gas (points « A » and « B ») can be downloaded below.



This document must be printed on the company’s letterheaded paper and sent back, duly completed and signed with the company’s stamp to SMEG - BP 633 - 98013 Monaco Cedex.