Private MV/LV transformer substation

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You are considering building or renovating a private MV/LV transformer substation.

For new operations, your project’s electrical power balance will determine whether it is necessary to build a private MV/LV transformer substation (see also the “connectivity” menu: Request for prior approval to supply a building project).

Transformer substations, like SMEG’s works and operations, are subject to UTE standards and current regulations with the sole objective to secure the safety and the proper working of the installations. For these reasons, this equipment must also respect the rules linked to the operation of public electrical supply to which they will connected. Therefore, according to the NF C 13100 standard, before any works are carried out, prior approval on both the choice of material and its placement must be requested to SMEG through the means provided. Any and all amendments to the original provisions must also be brought to the attention of SMEG.

In addition, SMEG encourages Contracting Owners to plan for this compulsory step in the study phase of their projects.

The aim of this recommendation is to allow the items which concern SMEG to be included. These should be incorporated into the tender thus avoiding any risk of changing planned works, additional expenses and rescheduling.

We all know that it’s the quality of the study and the preparation of the construction site on which-the quality of the execution, the optimal management of the budget and the schedule- depend.

The request for prior approval is notably accompanied by the following documents:

  • The position of the substation according to the adjacent roads, access roads and the passages of the supply lines.
  • Earth circuit and electrical equipment.
  • Nomenclature of electrical equipment and their features.
  • Map of the room housing the substation, with indications of the place of the electrical equipment including the meter panel.
  • Connection schema with the installation’s other possible sources of electric power.
  • Provisions to reduce reactive energy.
  • Provisions to the meter panel.


To commission a delivery post or private substation the owner must make a request to SMEG, including the requirements that are imposed on the various operators, to be allowed to operate. This request (for which SMEG offers a standard form) allows SMEG, with the help of a regulatory body, to check that the consumer has ensured that the delivery post or substation has been completed and received/approved without reservation??. That it complies with the standards and practices as well as the current regulations, especially, to the UTE standards and safety rules.


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