Works project / Inquiry Request

You would like to know if your project will have an impact on electrical distribution or street lighting structures.


This step is specifically adapted to allow you to assess, taking your forecasted project into account, the layout of the networks operated by SMEG and the precautions that must taken due to their presence in the vicinity of your study area.

SMEG’s reply regarding the Network Inquiry, concern the following:

  • 63000 volt high voltage public distribution electrical networks.
  • 20000 volt high voltage public distribution electrical networks.
  • Low voltage public distribution electrical networks.
  • Street lighting electrical networks.
  • Low and medium pressure public distribution gas networks.
  • Heating and air conditioning public distribution networks.

The gas networks operated by GrDf and GRTGaz which transit through the Principality of Monaco.

How to make a network inquiry request ?

To make a network inquiry request you just need to, either:

  • Contact SMEG by telephone on +377 92 05 05 11 and we’ll set up an appointment in our offices in order to make your request and receive our immediate reply as well as our recommendations.
  • Fill in the form that you can download here  and send it to us by post. A reply and SMEG’S recommendations will be sent by post within 5 working days upon the receipt of your request. (Public holidays not included)

In order to better reply to your request, we recommend giving us the fullest possible information.

This appointment will allow us to take into account, at the earliest, our recommendations to optimize your study and not run the risk of unforeseeable events in the execution phase leading to supplementary works or changes.

This request must be completed by a Declaration of Intent to do Works before the start of the works.

Click here to have further information on the Declaration of Works intent.


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