How deployment of nexio is progressing by district

The Nexio universe

Energy efficiency: a digital tool at your disposal


A digital customer area which enables every private customer to be a participant, at their own level, in energy transition..
Thanks to Nexio you have the data to understand, take action and reduce your electricity consumption and your bill..

Latest generation remote readings and remote operation in the service of energy transition


The data provided in the customer area comes from long-established communicating meters installed and tested in Monaco.. These meters were named Nexio as a reference to the customer area : Nexio


With the impetus of H.S.H the Sovereign Prince, the Princely Government is pursuing a determined sustainable development policy.

The national action plan principally covers the 3 sectors which produce the most greenhouse gases, namely road transport, waste treatment and energy use in buildings.

The environmental and energy performance of buildings is a priority challenge which concerns all stakeholders in the territory, and we all have our part to play.


2015 - Pilot at Tour Odéon

2016 - Meeting with residents of Tour Odéon

2017 – Round table at the EVER exhibition

« As part of the new technologies supported by digital solutions, the project aims to study the adoption and use of new energy services offered to households and their potential impact on electricity consumption in Monaco. » 

An overview of the Nexio universe

Nexio and myNexio provide more convenience, more services and more savings

Nexio en bref

myNexio is a digital interface whose functions have been extended thanks to the Nexio meter

Nexio en bref

With Nexio operations are carried out remotely, ensuring greater convenience and rapidity of execution for the customer:

  • Meter readings
  • Commissioning/decommissioning
  • Modification of contract power/tariff formula.
Nexio en bref

The myNexio customer area allows consumption and bills to be reduced.

Nexio leads to lower costs or the majority of services.

Nexio en bref

Nexio allow breakdowns to be managed more efficiently and more quickly (management of the meter fleet).

Nexio latest generation remote meter reading and remote operation.

Nexio secure digital customer area, accessible by mobile and computer.

How does it work?

If you are a private customer and your meter is outside:

Your presence is not required for the replacement of your meter.
You will be given 2 weeks’ notice, by letter, of the week in which the intervention will take place.

If you are a private customer and your meter is inside:

Your presence is required for the replacement of your meter.
An appointment in a 2-hour time slot will be sent to you, by letter, 2 weeks before the intervention date.
You have the option to reschedule this intervention by calling the hotline on 92 05 91 50 at least 48 hours in advance.

If you are a business:

An appointment in a 2-hour time slot will be sent to you, by letter, 2 weeks before the intervention date.
You have the option to reschedule this intervention by calling the hotline on 92 05 91 50 at least 48 hours in advance.
If your meter is accessible and you are absent at the time of the intervention, the intervention will go ahead.

Approximately 30 minutes per intervention,
The electricity supply will be disconnected for 15 minutes.
Intervention free of charge.
The intervention is carried out by our partners who are certified for this operation
For any questions: - 92 05 66 44.

Individual data and confidentiality

Nexio - Sécurité


Nexio  only records overall data in kWh, it does not have details on the consumption of household equipment.

Nexio - Sécurité


Data remains the exclusive property of the electricity contract holder - The SMEG only gives access to the contract holder or to third parties authorised by the contract holder.

The SMEG is committed to protecting its customers’ data in the conditions of Sovereign Ordinance n° 6.833 of 8 March 2018. The advanced meter infrastructure and associated services are deployed in compliance with the provisions of law n° 1.165 of 23 December 1993 on data protection, as amended.

The figures


meters to be changed in 16 months


deployment zones broken down in accordance with meter reading routes


dedicated hotline


meters deployed/day


trips/year avoided thanks to Nexio


agents trained in processing customer requests

Your most frequently asked questions

What is Nexio?

Remote meter reading and remote operation 2.0

Nexio enables electricity consumption data to be transferred remotely, without inconvenience for the customer and on a more frequent basis for better energy budget management.
The Nexio meter also authorises a number of remote operations such as the commissioning of the installation, changing the contract power.

What is myNexio?

Customer area

This customer area is a tool with secure, confidential data which enables every private customer to participate in energy transition. The consumer can manage their own budget and have an overview of their consumption in order to better manage consumption.

Is it billed?

No, it is free of charge

Changing the meter is free of charge and has no impact on the cost of the electricity bill.

What is the benefit for me?

Energy efficiency and budget management

Latest generation remote meter reading and remote operation give access to new functions in your customer area. This free service enables you to make numerous savings.

What is the impact on my contract?


Changing the meter has no contractual impact

How long does the installation take?

30 minutes

Approximately half an hour is required.

Who installs Nexio?

A dedicated team

SMEG agents or agents from sub-contractors certified by the SMEG, identified by a badge. A letter is sent to you approximately 15 days before the replacement.

When will Nexio be installed at my home?


There are 2 options to find information on the provisional schedule:
- 92 05 66 44.

How do I postpone the appointment?

Call the hotline

92 05 91 50

Why change the meter?

Modernisation of the meter fleet allows progress towards improved environmental performance of the country

The Nexio universe is a tool for energy transition.

It is necessary?


Sovereign Ordinance n° 6833 of 8 March 2018 imposes the implementation by the SMEG of an advanced electricity consumption meter infrastructure. Any opposition or obstruction by a customer is likely to incur the customer’s liability.

Can Nexio cause inconvenience ?

No, according to numerous studies

The cabled CPL used produces considerably fewer electromagnetic waves than everyday electrical appliances and the regulatory limits.
Nexio < 0.1 V/m at 20 cm and above (Source LNE)

Are my data secure?

Confidentiality, privacy and security guaranteed

The data collected belong to the holder of the energy contract and are only accessible by it or by third parties authorized by it. The data are encrtpted and made secure in accordance with the security standards laid down by the Monaco Cyber Security Agency (AMSN). SMEG is committed to protecting its customers' data in compliance with the Sovereign Ordinance and the provisions of the law on the protection of personal information.

Is there a fire risk?

No risk related to the meter

Nexio meters do not have any defect which could cause a fire. Fires which started in France have been caused by human error in the installation process, unrelated to the equipment. Our installation engineers are trained and informed in this respect and comply with a proven process.

If the meter is in my home how is the equipment changed?

This is simple and affects 10% of the fleet

A 2-hour time slot is planned and notified to you by letter. This appointment may be postponed and rescheduled by telephone.

The dedicated hotline is accessible on 92 05 91 50.

Is the electricity supply suspended during the installation?


Onsite electricity supply suspension is necessary for 15 minutes.

What happens to my old meter?

It is transported to an organisation specialising in remediation and recycling.

Meters will be transported to a collection centre for Déchets d'Equipements Electriques et Electroniques (D3E) (Electrical and Electronic Equipment waste). They will be conditioned to be taken charge of by an eco-organisation authorised by the public authorities for decontamination and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment.

Contact us with any questions

For all additional questions regarding the Nexio meter or its deployment,
you can contact us on 92 05 66 44 or by email to

Contact us to postpone your installation appointment

A hotline is at your disposal on : 92 05 91 50