my nexio : simple and easy to access

Your customer account with my nexio was developed for you.

You can print your bills, obtain personalised advice, simulate your home’s electricity consumption, analyse your usage in order to better manage your budget and your energy profile.

my nexio enables you to manage your energy expenditure from your smartphone, tablet or computer. To ensure this service is simple and efficient, the SMEG designed this interface as a dynamic, personalised, fun, interactive dashboard.

My everyday services

Available at any time

I can monitor my energy consumption day by day and view its development from one month to the next.

Identify my energy requirements

I can, using a simple simulation, view the distribution of my electricity consumption and my expenditure on my principal household electrical appliances.

Consumer better and less

I can obtain personalised advice to take concrete action on my consumption and make energy savings.

Manage my contracts and my budget

I can manage my contract online, pay my bills with total peace of mind and in all simplicity from my customer area my nexio

Manage your energy consumption

Download the my nexio app and access your customer account from your mobile

The SMEG has designed a simple interface to give you access to a dynamic, personalised, fun and interactive dashboard.

  • 100% free and secure.
  • To facilitate your everyday life in the management of your contracts, bills and payments.
  • With my nexio you manage your energy consumption and costs.


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