The roof of the Grimaldi Forum covered with solar panels

The agreement has been signed by the Grimaldi Forum and Smeg. In 2019, the roof of the Grimaldi Forum will be covered with solar panels by SMEG

From left to right, standing: Jean-Luc Nguyen, Director of the Mission for Energy Transition, and Rémi Rolland, Administrator of State Property
Seated: Thomas Battaglione, Chief Executive Officer of SMEG, Sylvie Biancheri and Henri Fissore, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of the Grimaldi Forum



Coverage of the roof with photovoltaic panels has been decided

The Grimaldi Forum and the Société Monégasque d’Electricité et de Gaz (SMEG) entered into a partnership a number of years ago with a concrete commitment to take action act to promote the energy transition. This partnership proceeds this year with the installation of a photovoltaic electricity production plant on the roof of the building.

This major project is part of a calculated policy on the part of the Princely Government, which has put financial measures in place to incentivize the production of photovoltaic energy and has created an online solar register. The photovoltaic plant at the Grimaldi Forum will be installed and used by SMEG following execution of the "SunE" contract proposed by SMEG. The Grimaldi Forum solar power centre will be the largest in the Principality in terms of both size and power (2,470 m2, 490 kW and 600 MWh of production annually, equivalent to the electricity consumed by a hundred homes), and will make Monaco’s congress and cultural centre the Principality's leading producer of green energy.

This operation anticipates the integration of the Grimaldi Forum into the eco-quarter of the future offshore extension, a land project that will result in the acquisition of six hectares of new land. The Grimaldi Forum solar power plant will provide this complex with green energy, and will be a concrete showcase for the National Pact advocated by the Sovereign Prince.

The Grimaldi Forum, which has been certified ISO 14001 since October 2008, and has therefore had a long-term commitment to the energy transition, is fully in line with this dynamic, and makes an immediate contribution to the Principality's ambitious objectives.