The roof of the Grimaldi Forum covered with solar panels

The Grimaldi Forum has become the biggest producer of photovoltaic energy in Monaco.



The Grimaldi Forum, a major support for the Principality’s solar plan

The Grimaldi Forum and the Société Monégasque d’Electricité et de Gaz (SMEG) [Monaco Electricity and Gas Company] have been in partnership for a number of years with a concrete commitment to actions for energy transition. This partnership has continued in 2019 with the installation photovoltaic production plant on the roof of the building.

April 2019 saw the launch of this large-scale photovoltaic project. The Grimaldi Forum signed a “SunE” agreement with the SMEG in which the latter undertook to finance and install an urban solar plant on the roof of the Principality’s conference and culture centre, and to operate it for at least 15 years. This operation anticipates the inclusion of the Grimaldi Forum in the eco-district of the future offshore extension, which will be the showcase for the country’s energy transition. The electricity produced by the solar plant, reinjected into the electricity network, now benefits nearby buildings, including, of course, the Grimaldi Forum and the Anse du Portier site. It will then participate in the local green production targets for the whole of the new district.   

The Grimaldi Forum, certified ISO 14001 since October 2008 and therefore long committed to energy transition, plays a significant part in this dynamic and immediately contributes to the Principality’s ambitious objectives.


The Grimaldi Forum and the SMEG, united for energy transition

The scale of the installation and its performance make the Grimaldi Forum the biggest producer of photovoltaic energy in Monaco.


2500 m2, 1500 modules, annual production of close to 650 MWh


With a height of just over 15 metres, the building offers an ideal position and plenty of sunshine.

However, the inclusion of a photovoltaic plant in a conference centre requires a certain number of precautions, studies and ancillary operations, in particular to renovate impermeability and position the attachments for the installation. One of the major challenges of the installation was to limit the weight of the components to enable the roof of the Espace Ravel, the principal exhibition hall which has the greatest surface area, to be equipped.

These challenges were overcome, and the roof is now home to almost 1500 modules on a surface area of 2500m², with a total wattage of 526kWc. 

The SMEG opted for the innovative technology of “high-efficiency” sunpower E22-360-com solar panels which are up to 20% more efficient that traditional modules. The annual production of approximately 640 000 kWh will allow the equivalent of 170 homes in the Principality to be supplied.  

20 September 2019, inauguration of the Grimaldi Forum solar plant

Next to HSH Prince Albert II, from left to right: R.Rolland - Director of Domaines de Monaco,
A. Jaeger-Seydoux - Director of the Mission for Energy Transition, C.Gomez - Director General of the Department for Equipment,
the Environment and Urban Planning, J-L. Nguyen - Director of Public Works, H. Fissore - President of the Grimaldi Forum Monaco,
S.E. B. Fautrier - Vice-president and Assistant Director of the Fondation Prince Albert II, Minister Plenipotentiary
responsible for missions with the Ministry of State for matters related to sustainable development,
M-P. Gramaglia - Government Advisor - Ministry for Equipment, the Environment and Urban Planning,
Sylvie Biancheri - Director General of the Grimaldi Forum Monaco, A.Cardoso - President of the SMEG,
and T. Battaglione – CEO of the SMEG.



13 April 2018, signature of the agreement between the GRIMALDI FORUM and the SMEG.

From left to right, standing: Jean-Luc Nguyen, Director of the Mission for Energy Transition, and Rémi Rolland, Administrator of State Property
Seated: Thomas Battaglione, Chief Executive Officer of SMEG, Sylvie Biancheri and Henri Fissore, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of the Grimaldi Forum