A solar power plant at the Monte-Carlo Bay

The Monte-Carlo Bay signs a new partnership agreement with SMEG as part of the “SunE” solar energy production contract

From left to right, seated: Thomas Battaglione, Chief Executive Officer of SMEG, and Frédéric Darnet, Chief Executive Officer of Monte-Carlo Bay Resort 
standing: Pierfranck Pelacchi (SMEG), Achour Daïra (Monte-Carlo Bay) e Christian Philippon (SMEG)


The Monte Carlo Bay’s clients will soon be enjoying the benefit of solar energy!

The Monte Carlo Bay and SMEG have been united for many years by a desire to work together on sustainable development and the energy transition. Once again, the Monte Carlo Bay, which was awarded e+ Trophies in 2017, has set itself apart by choosing to cover a part of its roof with a solar power generator. This project will enable the equivalent of the consumption of around 30 homes – approximately 160 MWh, a total of 154 kWc of power – to be produced locally. The solar power equipment at the Monte Carlo Bay will be funded, installed and exploited by SMEG, following execution of the "SunE" contract proposed by SMEG.

The work, which does not require a closure of the hotel, will begin in mid-November, and will be completed in January.

The project does not just have a technical aspect, however; it also represents a real architectural challenge if the solar power plant is to be perfectly integrated into the building. The 789 solar panels will be made to measure and assembled on site in such a way as to offer the illusion of a classic roof.