Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is to consume energy better in our everyday activities.

Who does it apply to?

All customers and sites are concerned: individuals, professionals, public and private buildings.

What are the aims of an energy diagnosis?

  • To analyze your consumption and your way of using energy.
  • To position your consumption sites based on energy performance and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • To use your consumed energy better.
  • To rationalize your choices.
  • To give you advice.

What are our solutions?

To assess the situation, carry out an energy diagnosis and conduct an investigation according to your needs.

There are three possible focus areas:

  • Energy use linked to consumers’ behavior
  • Equipment and appliances
  • The build: the skin of a building

1. Energy use linked to consumers’ behavior

Let’s be energy efficient: every little counts!

Adopting habits which lead to the careful use of energy allows us to reap economic as well as environmental rewards while maintaining and improving our comfort level.

Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t necessary to neither invest a lot of money or time nor undertake any major works to quickly draw benefits.

2. Equipment and appliances

The equipment and appliances that we use in the home, in a building, a technical installation as well as their usage impact energy consumption.

It is, therefore, important to refer to the energy label and choose categories A+ and A+++ energy efficient appliances.

3. The build: the skin of a building

A building’s energetic performance is the amount of energy it consumes annually taking into account the quality of its build, its electrical equipment and its way of working.

Energy performance aims for thermal comfort with an annual optimized operation of its consumed energy. The incorporation of renewable energy, solar thermal and photovoltaic power as well as heat pumps provides a better energy performance. This also applies to generators and high efficiency boilers and low-temperature heating emitters such as under floor heating, as well as control and timer devices.

For existing buildings, these items need, depending on the cases, quite important renovation works.