Our Electricity tariffs

Our tariffs are composed of the standing charge and the price of the kWh.



For further information, please contact our Customer relations service on 92 05 66 44 or by email at : commercial@smeg.mc

The goTariffs

Intended for all customers who need subscribed power between 36  kVA.

The go Tariff varies according to three criteria :

  • The subscribed power
  • The chosen service
  • The use

The go Tariff offers the possibility to choose between two options :

 The go Tariff-"Base” Option:

  • A standing charge according to the subscribed power. The same price per kWh over the entire year and at any time of the day.
  • Easy and convenient, the Base option is perfect if you do not have heavily-consuming electrical devices, or if you cannot put them on in the evening or at night.


 The go Tariff- Off-peak hours option

  • A subscription charge depending on the subscribed power

  • Two kWh prices.

The Off-peak rate lasts 8 hours per night. It allows you to benefit from a discounted energy price during these "off-peak" times. This also applies to electric heating users.


If you use an electric water heater or if you can program your dishwasher or washing machine during the night, this option is made for you.

The possible interlocking of a water heater can be set to start at the beginning of the off-peak cycle. The automatic trigger will always start at the end of the same period.