Metering and self-billing services for a Photovoltaic (PV) power generating installation


The Princely Government has decided to initiate a policy of incentive measures in order to promote the installation of individual or joint  Photovoltaic (PV) power generating equipment in the Principality.

The power generated can therefore either be self-consumed or fed, fully or partially, into the  Monaco grid. In any case, the applicant, with SMEG's agreement, will be responsible for the installation of a metering device for the power generated.

Once the agreement for the notified  incentive measure has been given, it is up to the applicant to subscribe to a metering service contract with SMEG. A copy of the contract will need to be forwarded to the Direction de l'Environnement to activate the payment of this incentive measure.

All existing or planned Photovoltaic  (PV) power generating system installations  whose installed power is higher or equal to 3 kWc, at the date of this notice, are eligible to benefit from this incentive measure.


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The Metering and Self-billing benefits list for a Photovoltaic power generating installation